Phd Candidate - Design of Fish Processing Machineries


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Aalesund University College has formed one of Norway’s most compact education and innovation arenas at Campus Aalesund. Education, research and innovation occurs in close collaboration with businesses and industry in the region. Maritime technology and operations, together with health and life sciences, are our strategic priority areas. Simulation and visualization is commonly used as a basic teaching platform across subject areas. Aalesund University College has 2,200 students and 230 employees. AaUC has been experiencing considerable growth in application numbers, research activity and international faculty.

Phd Candidate - Design of Fish Processing Machineries

The Faculty of Marine Technology and Operations (AMO) has vacant one PhD research fellowship, which runs over 3 years (alternatively 4 years including 25% teaching). This is a research position that will lead up to the doctoral degree (PhD), in addition to contributing to professional development at the institute. The candidate will be located at Aalesund University College, but must also participate in a relevant and organized doctoral degree program at internationally recognized university. The candidate will, together with the academic research group at the college and research teams in the collaborative organizations and companies, develop knowledge within the specified area of research.

Seafood is expected to have a significant growth throughout the next decades. The Norwegian Seafood industry has a strong position in the global markets. However, it is an aim to optimize the manufacturing performance and do the processing in Norway. This can be done by developing smart Fish Processing Factories and Machineries. The global fish customers demand more customized products, higher level of quality and better documentation of quality, shorter delivery schedules and lower production costs.

Aalesund University College has been working with Fish Processing during the last 18 months. The University College has close relations to the leading companies in the business, and has a superior location in the middle of the marine cluster. Research so far, indicates that there are quite many opportunities to bring the industry further. Technology will play a crucial role in the future.

The proposed PhD project will relate to the research in the field of new concepts of fish processing factories and - machineries. Special focus will be related to use of new easy-to-clean material, easy- to clean shapes and constructions, of fish processing machineries. The PHD project is a part of research project aiming for efficient and secure cleaning of fish processing factories and machineries.

The position requires Master's degree in engineering / science in a relevant area. It is essential that the successful candidate fills the requirement for admission to a doctoral program. The successful candidate must be engaged in an appropriate doctoral program prior to commencement in the position, cf. "Regulations on conditions of employment for positions as postdoctoral fellow, research fellow, research assistant and specialist candidates § 3-1”.

Scholarship recipients must work at Aalesund University College and must participate in an organized doctoral study. The successful candidate will be part of a creative and informal academic environment that places heavy demands on independence, ability to take initiative and to cooperate. The position is placed in the State's salary system, code 1017 or 1378 Stipendiat (PhD Candidate), and a compulsory contribution of 2 % is deducted for the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund. Aalesund University College emphasizes diversity in the workplace and in accordance with the AAUC's equal opportunities policy, we invite applications from all interested individuals regardless of gender or ethnicity. The department has a goal of recruiting more women and women are encouraged to apply.

Applicants will be invited for interviews, in which original diplomas / certificates etc. are expected to be presented. A CV with full details of training and practice must be included in the online application, together with certified copies of certificates and diplomas.

More information about the position can be obtained from Ola Jon Mork, ******  / ******or Hans Petter Hildre, ****** /******.

According to the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act (offentleglova) information about the applicant may be included in the public applicant list, also in cases where the applicant has requested non-disclosure.

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